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Services & Pricing

Classic Renewal  

Our signature standard massage session is based on Swedish massage theory utilizing long gliding strokes that increase circulation and soothe achy muscles. The Classic Renewal integrates head to toe massage for full body relaxation and general well being. 

$210/60 minutes

$270/90 minutes


Deep Tissue

This customized session is perfect for those who require controlled therapeutic pressure to relieve pain and tension. Deep tissue therapy addresses the deepest layers of muscle and soft tissue structures and applies therapeutic interventions to relieve pain and improve function.

$240/60 minutes

$300/90 minutes



Our Shiastu service is a perfect blend of energy work and traditional western massage therapy. The session focuses on the body’s natural meridian system stimulating acupoints for the purposes of revitalizing each organ system. This session can be customized as a therapeutic approach to address specific issues. Please consult your health care professional to ensure that this is an appropriate modality for your unique condition.

$222/ 60 minutes

Pregnancy Massage (Mommy- to- be)


Pregnancy is one of the most joyous periods a woman and her family can experience.  It can also be daunting and exhausting due to the addition of extra physical weight and other sensitivities. Women who are expecting can benefit from this soothing and comforting session designed to cater to the specific needs of an expectant mother. 

$210/ 60 minutes

$270 /90 minutes


Sports Massage

 A sports massage treatment supports the goals of the dedicated athlete or fitness enthusiast. This session gives attention to primary muscle groups used in sports and other advanced physical activities. Clients will enjoy specialized adhesion release and muscular elongation techniques in addition to flexibility and restorative rehabilitation.

$210/ 60 minutes

$270 /90 minutes

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